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Environmental Club
The Environmental Club is an organization that is responsible for recycling at our school. During Homeroom, a group of members will go and recycle paper from each classroom and office, and once a week aluminum cans are collected.

We also like to collect old Christmas cards around the holidays and give them to classrooms or Nursing Homes to "recycle" and make new cards or decorations with them. We do this by having a competition amongst the elementary classrooms and we give prizes to the top winners.

Our club also does things outside of the school day. We have a section of Highway 75 (by the Dietmeier farm) that we clean up four times a year, which is actually quite fun because we always find something interesting along the side of the road. The most unique item that we have found so far was a large tv at a bottom of a ditch (boy, that was a pain to bring to the top of the road), and there have been other interesting items (but probably not good to mention on a web site).

We have also been known to have a clean up day at the local park or our own school yard: any reason to hang out and have fun. One theme always exists with these clean ups: good times, good laughs, and good treats at the end of the work day.